This series was developed with frames & wooden supports that were collected over decades of salvaging general materials for art & studio.  Industrial & consumer stuff is cannibalised, cleaned, curated, filed (& yes hoarded) in a resource library that feeds the erratic experiment that is my life & work. 

After visiting art museums along Australias' east coast I was most inspired by the modernist painter Grace Crowley (1890-1979).  So using high quality primers and acrylic paint i took a deep dive into my unsuspecting subconscious as she seemed to have done during the middle of last century. 

The 1950s was the pre television era of what i would consider peak paint.  Artist using the medium were enjoying unprecedented aesthetic freedom - unshackled from realism by the earlier pioneers of expressionism and particularly the radical arc of Pablo Picassos' body of work. 

This visual improv was mirrored in the refined anarchy of the Jazz music scene by contemporaries such as Miles Davis. 

The shapescapes i have composed are colourfully uncomfortable scores that screech and flow like random dreams drifting in and out of coherence.  

I have decided to make these works accessible so each painting is available for NZ$900 - add $70 freight inside NZ and P.O.A for international delivery.

Si Shepheard

                                                     Acrylic on wood, 90cm x 70cm NZ$900

                                             Acrylic on textured hardboard, 95cm x 75cm Sold

                                                     Acrylic on wood, 77cm x 67cm NZ$900

                                                     Acrylic on wood, 81cm x 98cm NZ$900

                                                    Acrylic on wood, 130cm x 88cm NZ$900

                                                    Acrylic on wood, 79cm x 57cm NZ$900

                                                       Acrylic on wood, 106cm x 84cm NZ$900 

                                                     Enamels on wood, 87cm x 67cm NZ$900     

                                                  Acrylic on wood, 69cm x 116cm NZ$900

                                                        Acrylic on wood, 90cm x 65cm NZ$900

                                                      Acrylic on wood, 94cm x 70cm NZ$900

                                                      Acrylic on wood, 82cm x 57cm NZ$900

                                                          Enamel on wood, 90cm x 65cm $900

                                                     Acrylic on wood, 76cm x 76cmNZ$900

                                                      Acrylic on wood, 78cm x 111cm NZ$900




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